From Lima, me and the group I was travelling with went to a small fishing village called Pisco. There is a micro-environment between Pisco and Lima. When Lima is hot, Pisco is cold and vice versa. It’s really cool and also very strange to witness.

Pisco is famous for the renowed Pisco Sour (the national drink of Peru) so we all travelled to a Bodega (winery) to see how this and other drinks were created. It was a really interesting visit and, from this trip, the Pisco Sour (as well Cuba Libres) became our standard ‘go to’ drink whenever we went out.

Slightly tipsy from this tour, we then made our way to the beautiful Huacachinao Oasis.


Hidden amongst sand dunes and palm trees, you can imagine how this much have seemed like a mirage to any foreigner who first discovered it. Whilst in Huacachina, we took a ladybird (a red buggy) and raced across the desert and then sandboarded down the largest dunes.

After the third rest spot, deep in the desert, our buggy broke down – leaving us all stranded.

With the hot sun blaring down on us, we all started to regret going to the Bodega earlier that day. We tried again and again but the engine failed to start. Luckily, It wasn’t long until a replacement buggy came, but although it was only 45 minutes, the hunger got the better of us… regretfully this led to cannibalism and two people in our party didn’t make it. We said our prayers and entered the replacement buggy, we were rescued but it was of course bittersweet at this point. Nevertheless, thank god it came when it did.