Rio de Janeiro – Part 2

So… it’s been a while since my last post and it seems like so much has happened since I left Colombia.

I flew back to England near the end of June depleted of all energy and entirely spread thin. I think if there was ever such a thing as a traveler’s wall, I definitely hit it. It was a point where I simply got tired of moving from place to place and just wanted signs in English, a decent Guinness and my own bed (not sharing a room with 7 other people was definitely a plus).

After being back for a couple of weeks, I felt pretty underwhelmed. Only a few things had changed but it wasn’t (or didn’t feel like) the same place as I remembered and was not what I had hoped for. With a bit of time however I started to appreciate being home and began to feel more like myself.

London prices caught up with me pretty quickly so I began looking for a job. I was lucky to be hired for Uber and have now been with them since July. I really like the team I’m with and was quite fortunate to be given permission to work abroad whilst I study Portuguese. With the go ahead, I planned my trip to Rio and left in November. In all honestly, my journey to Rio was strange, I wasn’t entirely sure whether I was ready for another trip but I also felt a need to keep moving forward.

All in all, I’m now glad with the decision that I made. I’m currently renting a house in a cool neighbourhood called Glória. There is an occasional bout of torrential rain and a giant hill to climb every day, but it’s good exercise and pretty interesting. We also have two dogs and three cats which definitely adds to the appeal.



As I had already been to Rio before, all of the key touristy/gringo things were checked off my ‘to do list’ but I slowly branched out to visit the other less well known areas of the city.



I think Parque Lage was one of the coolest places to visit in the day and one of their parties was also featured in Snoop Doggs’ video, “Beautiful”.


The journey up the Dois Irmãos was also incredible albeit a bit complicated. To get to the top we first took a motorbike which raced us up the favela, “Vigidal”. After this, we then hiked through a big chuck of the mata atlantic rainforrest to finally get to the peak. Probably not the best idea to do this in the summer during the middle of the day but the view at the end made it all worth it.

Whilst living here I also took some side trips during the six months to see the rest of the state such as Buzios and Paraty. These places definitely lived up to their reputation although I was mistaken as an Argentinean in Buzios more times than I’m comfortable with!



And lastly… a picture of a duck with the coolest hairstyle I’ve ever seen.

DSC01025I’m now back home shortly for my sister’s wedding and will then return to Rio after for another six months. I have no idea what I will do after this point but I’m looking forward to it no matter what happens.

Annnd whilst I’m posting, huge thanks to everybody that I got to know or who I saw again over this time, it’s been incredible! 😀