Buenos Aires

I came to Buenos Aires not expecting much and knowing very little about the city besides that it was Argentina’s Capital and where Evita Perón started her fascinating career. However.. it was recommended by a lot of travelers that I knew and I thought that I should really give it a chance.

After a couple of days my attitude changed completely!! I was glad to be proved wrong and really wished that I had more time in this amazing place. I was blown away by the nice people, neoclassical architecture and the list of things that I wanted to see and do in the city grew exponentially during my stay.

I arrived on a Thursday night in one of Buenos Aires’ most renowned party hostels (Milhouse Hostel) – and it really lived up to the name. When I entered, I felt like I was walking into a club rather than a hostel and me and the people staying there enjoyed the next couple of nights becoming acquainted with the clubbing/bar scene of Argentina (that can go on until 6 or 7am) and, better still, Tango!

The days on the other hand were a different story. I began most mornings as a half human/half zombie creature nursing some of the biggest hangovers that I’ve ever had. I was shocked that I was even able to go sightseeing most of the time and even had to have a day off on my last day (and missed the opportunity to see La Boca) just so that I could recover.

Nevertheless, I still managed to get a lot done and even practiced my ‘awesome’ hustling-skills bartering for currency in Argentina’s underground “Blue Market”.

On my first day, I went to the Evita Perón museum where I was taught about some of the big changes that she was able to bring about for the country and expanded my knowledge of her life beyond the musical Evita. I walked down ‘9 de Julio’ (the widest avenue in the world) as well as ‘Avenida de Mayo’ and even got a tour of the Pink House (Argentina’s equivalent to the White House).

During the next couple of days, I branched out a lot more and saw some of the city’s best sites such as ‘Cementerio de la Recoleta’ – which had some of the tombs for the wealthiest and most powerful families in the land, the Museum of Fine Arts and even stumbled across a giant street concert for the ‘Hugo awards’ on Corrientes Street.

When I was leaving the city I felt that there was still lots of things that I still wanted to see.. but I wasn’t too disappointed. I think I enjoyed my time so much in BA that I know that I will most likely return in the future. I don’t know when right now but I’m sure that this isn’t the end!