After spending such a long time in São Paulo I desperately needed a break from city life. I headed to a little town a few hours away called Cunha and landed in a spiritual community nearby.


The community itself is very big and situated in a beautiful valley which had plenty of mountains, waterfalls and lakes. These were incredible and we were able to go exploring through most of them during our free time thanks to a resident there that was nice enough to take us on small treks.


During my stay we had the opportunity to work on a lot of different projects. For some reason I spent a lot of my working time cutting grass but I also helped in the construction of a house by putting the roof on and cementing the walls. The community also has an outreach program which attempts to improve the living standards of the wider community; they help by building houses for the poorer families and even bring volunteers in to the local schools to tell them stories about their countries and share cultures. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to work on this during my short stay, I was really impressed by their involvement in the work that they do.

As a spiritual community, my time here very peaceful and it felt like it gave me the space I needed to organise the rest of my trip and even catch a second wind. It also gave me a lot of space for reading and I made a good dent in reading War & Peace (well a good dent ≈ 14%, but a good start at least!). I also got to try a few new activities; the place offered lots of free classes such as Kung Fu & Chi Kung, different holistic therapies and horse riding and I even got to try yoga for the first time. It was an extremely nice place to live in and I think it’s definitely a place that I would like to return to in the future – if even just to meet the amazing people living there again.


My visa for Brazil is now approaching it’s expiry date. I now have 6 months that I have to spend outside of the country before I can return. During this time I think I’m going to try to visit the other countries in South America that I haven’t been to before. The problem with this is that they all speak Spanish.. seriously Brazil, why did you have to be so different?! It’s going to be hard switching languages all over again but that’s just the way it has to be.

Okay, my next stop will be Uruguay where I will spend a month and then I’m off to Argentina straight after. Tchau Brasil, see you in six months!

Group of Volunteers