Chapada Diamantina

The Hippy culture is booming in Chapada Diamantina!! On the day we arrived we were told about a eletro/reggie/art rave happening that night in the jungle. So after predrinking in the hostel, a bunch of us decided we’ll go and check it out. It was mad, there were hippies everywhere on lsd and mdma, really loud music and, as the stages were set up in natural caverns, it was unlike anything I have ever seen. I think we all got back around 3 or 4 in the morning – really not the best idea when we had to go hiking early the next morning.

Over the next couple of days we travelled to a lot of mountains, waterfalls, lakes and caverns. Cachoeira da Fumaça was amazing; it’s a giant waterfall which blows all of the water into the wind before it has a chance to touch the ground. When we were first hiking up to it, we thought that it was starting to rain (even though there were no rainclouds in the sky) and then we realized that we must have finally reached our destination as the breeze was blowing the water over the top of us.

Cachoeira da Fumaça

Gruto de lapão was also really interesting; you start of walking into a cave but it’s so large that you keep walking for around 30 minutes – all the way through the mountain – to the other side. At one point, when we were deep in the cave, we all turned off our torches to see what complete darkness is like. It’s a really surreal feeling, my brain kept trying to find a piece of light to focus on but it was impossible.

Besides this, I think I’ve learnt not to trust my camera with some people. When we went to Cachoeira do Sossego, I asked my friend Diarmuid to take a photo of me standing next to waterfall. It was only when I got back that I realised that there was only two photos taken..

And the day before this my friend Andrea went to take a photo of me sliding down a waterfall in Ribeirao do Meio

Ribeirao do Meio

… I think she decided that the photo needed somebody else in the foreground to make it better.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m starting to see what the hype is all about with selfie sticks!

My trip was shorter than I expected as it was ridiculously expensive in Chapada. I’ve now returned to Arembepe to catch up with my friends here. We had a great day yesterday where I said my final goodbye to Diarmuid who will stay Salvador for another couple of months as well as a few others. I’m now ready for the next stage of my journey to start. Next stop São Paulo.