After a great month living along the ’Estrada do Côco’ in Arembepe I am now starting work in Salvador.

My time in Arembepe though was amazing! I stayed in a ‘natural park’ called Sítio Folha d´Água. It offered workshops for Meditation with crystal bowls, Yoga, Tai Chi and lots more activities which was very relaxing to see and even be part of.

I initially spent the first couple of days helping to make furniture and maintaining the place but after my third day I offered to help develop the website for the Sítio and since that point I was working on the site every day.

I found that there was quite a lot to do in Arembepe… there was another preservation project ongoing here, but this time with turtles so I was able to see all the different types of tortoises in the region. I was actually surprised at the size of some of them – one of them was huge, even bigger than me.

Besides this, the woman who owned the Sìtio had a lot of dogs; 16 in total, all of which were her pets! It was insane and really fun to watch them all of the time. After a day it was clear to see the pack hierarchy and mentality. There was an Alpha male which all of the dogs followed and a matriarch which was the oldest female dog – which was tiny but treated as powerful by dogs twice her size. It was really interesting, but when they barked and howled as a group, wow! It’ll be some time before my hearing gets better.

Key things I learned: When working with code, backup everything and do this frequently!